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Our body needs vitamins to grow and function normally. Among all of them, vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, one of the main elements that make up the bones. In addition, it plays an important role in the nervous, muscular and immune systems.

Therefore, vitamin D is vitally important for our health, although there is a significant deficiency of this vitamin among the Spanish population.

The main contribution to our body is made by skin synthesis, but in the last year we have spent less time outdoors due to the pandemic, which has caused the vitamin D deficit to be higher in the entire population

Dr. José Manuel Quesada Gómez, from the Endocrinology and Nutrition Clinical Management Unit of the Reina Sofía University Hospital, in Córdoba, explains to us in this video from Theramex (link: Theramex Spain) what therapeutic options exist to alleviate this deficit.

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