Dra. Ava Guila Ardila - Armonía Estética y Antiedad

Listening to our body and taking care of it conscientiously is essential to be able to enjoy a full life and healthy aging.

One of the workouts that offer the greatest benefits are hypopressive exercises.

These exercises are aimed at postural reeducation and combined with breathing, provide a large number of therapeutic and aesthetic benefits and improvements in sports performance: they strengthen the muscles, prevent back discomfort and injuries.

Unlike abdominals, hypopressives do not increase intra-abdominal pressure, causing short, medium and long-term positive effects on postural, respiratory, vascular, metabolic and sexual health.

The difference between a hypopressive and a classic abdominal is great, since the improvements that are achieved with hypopressives are more global, and are not focused only on the abdominal muscles.

The rhythm of life we ​​lead, stress, sedentary lifestyle … All this makes our body suffer daily. For this reason, exercises of this type are recommended for almost everyone since they allow the body to be repositioned and make it strong in its natural position, with the spine well erect.

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